Why you should join Internationals Bratislava!!

Hello dear readers!
In this article I will present three reasons why you should not miss out a chance to be a part of Internationals in Bratislava!
1. You are not alone
Coming to a foreign country just by yourself might be a challenging experience. Believe it or not you are not alone! There are certainly people who are going throught the same experience as you do! It might be challenging to look for a right place to live at or finding the way to get to work or a place of study. We provide you with workshops & resources that might be really helpful for a great journey you are experiencing! Moreover, there is no membership fee to join us! For some events you need a reservation, for some you don’t; therefore read every event description carefully.
2. Building long lasting  friendships
Since you are in the similar situation like other foreigners, you have lots in common to talk about! It might lead to deep conversations in comparing your new situations to your home country living. You may miss your culture, food and simple things that are obvious to you. By going to our workshops or seminars, you may meet not only new people but also you can connect with new friends from your own home country! We offer also help to solve some difficult life situations (in cooperation with our lawyers and other NGO organizations) and we are here for you to simply give you some useful advice how to settle down in Slovakia.
3. Gatherings, parties & social meetings
By going into our website or Facebook page, you might find sports, movies or FUN gatherings we organize. Every week there is always something going on! We give our best to organizing various event for every taste & age groups including festivals, parties, trips, gatherings, networking events, charity events and sports (pilates, zumba, body workouts), educational and creative workshops, Slovak language classes, even activities for children or some alternative events (meditation, yoga, belly dance, gong bath). All events are open to public & guided in English. Just write us an email if you are not sure about the activities which suit you best. We have FUN by offering you a great variety of activities you can chose from!

I hope you had a good time by reading my three reasons why you should join us! Hope to see you at some of our gatherings!

Katarína Zamborova