Hatha vs Vinyasa yoga

If you are familiar with yoga, you are most likely very familiar with both hatha yoga, as well as vinyasa yoga. They are both terms and styles that are commonly used in the yoga world. However, if you are new to the practice, it is very important that you understand the difference between the two styles. Each style is extremely different and, as a yoga beginner, it is important to know your limits and gradually work your way up to the different styles and levels of practice.

Hatha Yoga- Hatha yoga is a very generic term that encompasses any yoga that teaches the many physical postures. jjindexMany yoga classes available are considered to be hatha yoga classes. Hatha yoga is generally considered to be an introductory yoga class. It is a slower paced class that focuses on the most basic yoga poses. You probably won’t leave this type of yoga class in a sweat, however, you are sure to leave feeling looser, as well as more relaxed.

Vinyasa- Vinyasa yoga is sometimes referred to as “yoga flow.” Vinyasa yoga classes are known for the fluid movements, as well as their intensive practices. These classes are generally more intense and focus more difficult poses. vinajsaEach movement in vinyasa yoga is linked to a breath. This is a bit more physically demanding yoga practice. If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself and to work up a sweat, this is the class for you!

For a deeper understanding take a look on this video: Hatha vs Vinyasa


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Vinyasa Yoga – Thursdays at 18:30, Lotus Yoga, Kuzmanyho 4
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