Monthly fee in Slovakia “Koncesionársky poplatok”

Many foreign property owners in Slovakia or simply tenants of real estate in Slovakia forget that they have an obligation to pay a monthly fee for radio broadcasting and television in Slovakia (RTVS in Slovak). In Slovak, this fee is called koncesionársky poplatok. The obligation to pay this fee does not depend on the status of a foreigner in Slovakia, the type of his residence permit: a residence permit or permanent residence permit in Slovakia, even, in principle, his/her presence or absence, even on whether the foreigner owns or rents the property. The main criterion is whether an individual is a registered consumer of electricity. In addition, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in Slovakia employing three or more employees must pay this fee.

Let us turn a little to the essence and history of this fee. The essence of this fee is that public broadcasting and television should be independent of the state and other structures. It means that RTVS does not receive funding from government or other structures or private organisations, but exists through fees and advertising. The idea itself is very correct!

Previously, the fee was collected only from those who had a TV at home, but because it was problematic to verify this fact, it was later decided that the payment of the fee, in the case of individuals, would be tied to the registration of electricity consumers. Usually, registration takes place when a property owner changes, i.e. when you, for example, buy an apartment. However, even if you rent an apartment, the owner may ask you to register in person as an electricity consumer for the duration of the rental. The fact is that you cannot meet this often.

Therefore, if you are registered as an individual electricity consumer, you must register to pay broadcasting and television fees in Slovakia and then pay this fee. It is necessary to register from the first day of the month that follows the month in which you registered as an electricity consumer. For example, if you registered as an electricity consumer on July 10, 2019, you must register to pay the broadcasting and television fees in Slovakia on August 1, 2019. If a person has several real estate objects and is registered as an electricity consumer in several places, the fee is paid only once.

The fee for an individual is 4.64 € / month. The following categories of citizens have the right to pay a fee with a 50% discount (2.32 € / month):

  • Allowance beneficiaries under material need,
  • Pension recipients who do not have a permanent income (entrepreneurs, employed citizens) or who do not live with another person with a permanent income.


The right to full exemption from paying the fee have:

  • Payers with severe disabilities or those who live with persons with severe disabilities, who have permanent registration at this address,
  • Radio Broadcasting and Television of Slovakia, Office of Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission,
  • Prison and court authorities,
  • Schools and school institutions,
  • Hospitals, sanatoria, hospices and nursing homes, social service facilities, social and legal protection institutions for children and social care facilities,
  • Persons who are not citizens of the Slovak Republic and enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities under international law in case of guaranteed reciprocity.

As mentioned above, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who employ three or more employees also have the obligation to pay a broadcasting and television fee. The total number of employed employees also includes women on maternity leave. The amount of the fee, depending on the number of employees employed is:

  • from 3 to 9 employees          4.64 €/month
  • from 10 to 49 employees       18.58 €/month
  • from 50 to 249 employees     79.66 €/month
  • 250 to 999 employees           199.16 €/month
  • 1000 employees and more     464.71 €/month.


Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can pay a fee monthly or advance quarterly, semi-annually or once a year. There are no categories of legal entities exempted from paying this fee.

There are also penalties in case of non-payment of this fee. In the case of individuals, if this fee is not paid, the person will receive a reminder of the payment with a request to pay the fee for the unpaid period including services for mailing the reminder. If within 30 days from receipt of the reminder, the debt is not paid, then the person will be charged a fine of 17 €. With further non-payment of debt, it may be charged in standard ways through bailiffs.

Penalties are also imposed in relation to legal entities and private entrepreneurs who evade payment of the broadcasting and television fees in Slovakia. The amount of fines depends on the number of employed employees. In the case of evasion of payment of the fee by legal entities / private entrepreneurs, they will receive a reminder about the payment of debt together with postage for a reminder. In case of ignoring the reminder, the following penalties are imposed:

  • from 3 to 9 employees          33 €
  • from 10 to 49 employees       66 €
  • from 50 to 249 employees     100 €
  • from 250 to 999 employees    133 €
  • 1000 employees and more     166 €


You can register to pay the fee on the website of broadcasting and television of Slovakia.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible that the fee is already included in the paid advance payments for electricity; however, you can check this with your electricity supplier. If this is not the case, then we recommend that you register to pay this fee, if you are a registered consumer of electricity in Slovakia, so that at a certain moment you will not face debt collection.

Text by:

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