Three day international Yoga Festival in Bratislava on 28-30th of September

A unique three-day international Yoga Festival will be held in Bratislava on 28-30th of September.


As most of us spend our days in front of a desk, our bodies scream to break free and feel Ultimate Freedom once again.

This craving for Ultimate Freedom is going all the way back in time and is old as humanity itself. People back then felt the same limitations as we do now even without sitting all day in front of a desk. B.K.S Iyengar teaches us that “Ultimate freedom means, complete freedom in the body, in the mind and in the self itself. In order to experience this Total Freedom, Indian sages and saints introduced the subject called Yoga.”


That’s why Yoga is rising in popularity all around the world and on the last weekend of September, sixteen well-known international teachers such as Troy Hadeed, Chris Magee, Blaire Lindsay Houghton will come to Bratislava to share their knowledge of Yoga, massages, breathing techniques, meditation, Tantra, sexual healing, and Indian philosophy with you. More than 70 hours of various lectures, workshops and discussions are waiting for you at Nova Cvernovka in Bratislava.

You can enjoy workshops and lectures from different field of Hatha yoga like Vinyasa, Yin or acro-yoga. Chris Magee and Bjørn Jakobsen are going to give a handstand and more physical workshops. Also for yoga teachers looking to get inspired and further their teaching skills, Chris Hadeed is hosting a master class for yoga instructors.

Under the guidance of Blaire Lindsay, we will get in touch with sexuality as an active life force “so we can all breathe a little easier and experience ourselves more fully”.

Beside various yoga lectures and workshops, you can join a massage workshop, meditation workshop, yoga for kids+ parents and much more.

If your body gets tired, you can lounge and listen to in-depth lectures on Indian philosophy by Troy Turi and Renee Sunbird or sit back and enjoy evening concerts by Mayo Gliganic and Renee with her husband Boris Georgiev.

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“There is no progress toward ultimate freedom without transformation & this is the key issue in all lives.”

Ultimate Freedom Yoga festival In honor of B.K.S IYENGAR