About us

about-usInternationals Bratislava is an organization that brings together people from all around the world living or visiting Bratislava, regardless of their cultural origin. We are connecting people, businesses, helping networking and our message is to strongly support intercultural and human exchange. Our mission is to connect cultures, find new friends. Organization was founded in 2014 by Maria Hrvatic from Croatia.

Every city in the world is made out of the spirit we give to it as individuals. Therefore our idea is to create good social life, finding new opportunities for exploring of Bratislava. The service we provide is not as much informational, rather inviting: We organize parties, gatherings and trips for foreigners and locals in Bratislava not excluding any nationality or age. Our goal to provide you quality time, fun, networking and showing beauty of Bratislava and Slovakia itself.

We connected people from more than 120 countries so far and our community is growing. Established by expats for international people we started from experience as a foreigners, having lived and experienced local culture we are nowadays guiding you trough night life, nature, activities where you can get to know local and international people. Bratislava is our home for now and we are working hard to make our home feel like a family.

Our philosophy is ” be opened”. Being opened to other cultures, other mentality does mean experience humanism in its all forms. We learned we can meet other people, interact with them, trust them and bond with them across the cultures. More we understand each other, more we accept each other, more humans we are. As a driven, ambitious and young team of people, we are trying to provide the best service for your full comfort – whether it comes to business events or having a fun together.

Get in touch with us and find out more. You don’t have to be alone, and loneliness doesn’t have to be a matter of the heart anymore.

Official names and legal forms of this organization are:

1. Civil association (in Slovak obcianske zdruzenie):   Cudzinci v Bratislave, address: : Karpatske namestie 10A, 83106 Bratislava, ID number (IČO): 42362881

2. Limited liability company (in Slovak s.r.o.): Internationals Bratislava, address: Karpatske namestie 10A, 83106 Bratislava, ID number (IČO): 50380303

Our Team

Maria Hrvatić


Coming from Croatia, moved to Slovakia in 2010, founder of Internationals Bratislava. She extremely loves this job so that’s why she is doing a great work.

Andrea Peniaková

Comes from Slovakia, doing what she loves. Teaching Pilates (for Slovaks and Internationals too), Yoga and BabyBalance in Bratislava. Motto: “Be happy and grateful for what you have, while working for what you want.”

Sauro Lonardi

Originally coming from Italy, living in Slovakia. Loves good wine and sell it by his company Superlativo.sk. Has a master degree in Business Management and Consulting. He is proud to be a surfer.

Darina Labudíková

Comes from Slovakia, graduated in Roman languages, working for an international company as an expat manager. Teacher of Slovak folklore in Slovakia and Croatia for the Slovak minority. Motto: “Always find reasons to laugh”.

Erika Nagyova

Coming from a Hungarian community of Slovakia. After her working hours sitting in front of the PC she prefers to be more active so is attending dance school, photo course. Likes travelling and making fun.

Katarina Michalkova

Comes from Slovakia, Zumba lessons as instructor; personal trainings to be prepared for competitions as Rugged Race or Tvrdak; movies; books; friends and parties.

Anastasia Sidiropoulou

Coming from Greece. Currently studying in Slovakia dentistry. Likes to volunteer on International parties and connecting students from all over world living in Slovakia.

Bilge Satir

Comes originally from Istanbul, Turkey, but her heart beats for Balkans, as her family ties in close with the Balkans. She is an activist, social scientist and humanist who loves learning languages, teaching about her culture, her language and cooking Turkish meals. She believes in Peace and a Better world where we are more internationally connected with each other.

Katya Rubanova

Ukrainian by nationality and by spirit. Florist-decorator, making your feelings talk in flower language. Always busy preparing new workshops on floristry and things hand-made.

Dj Maghi Tn

Dj and remixer coming from Tunisia. From There he started playing in the biggest clubs across the country and hosting big exclusive events. Now he is living in Bratislava and he is playing in the most trendy venues in town and on every Internationals Bratislava party.

Seher Sultana

Coming from Pakistan, loves traveling around and meeting people, doing artist work and can make wonderful henna tattoos.

Nell Goliašová

Nell Goliašová

Comes from Bratislava, teaching yoga (in English and Slovak), loves yoga, parties, travelling and video editing.

Jana Saturová

Jana Saturová

Jana is Slovak who enjoys international environment so she devoted her professional career to work with expats. She loves traveling, swimming and spending time with her family and friends.