Mindfulness Pilates in English + Aromatherapy classes

Mindfulness Pilates is a  class for those who are interested to exercise more mindfully and find through conscious movement harmony of their body, breath and mind. These classes are supported by essential oils of the highest quality. This is a place for those of you who needs complex exercises with individual approach of instructor. Classes are held in English on Tuesday & Thursday evening and Wednesdays mornings in our studio in center of Bratislava by certified Pilates instructor Andrea Peniakova. You need to make reservation in advance via: pilates@internationals.sk

Video from one of the classes: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalsBratislava/videos/1507521529264657/

Where: Namestie SNP 22

When exactly?
Tuesday evening from 20:20 till 21:20 PM
Wednesday morning from 07:15 till 8:15 AM
Thursday evening from 20:20 till 21:20 PM


6 months- 26 times – 154 eur (one lesson is 5.9 eur) – from 2.1/3.1./4.1.2017 till 27.6/28.6/29.6.2017  – possible to pay in 2 installments
3 months – 12 times – 81 eur (one lesson is 6.7 eur) – possible to pay in 2 installments
6 weeks – 6 times – 46 eur (one lesson is 7.6 eur)
8.5 eur – one drop in lesson

Questions and reservations: pilates@internationals.sk