Getting your Residence Permit in Slovakia

Whether a new or old foreigner in Slovakia, it is mandatory for everyone who wants to stay in the country for a longer period to be registered with the foreign police within 90 days of arrival and ensure your documents are always up-to-date. Expats who have already been through the registration process know that it can often become a nightmare due to paperwork, lengthy waiting times.

Образец карточки ВНЖ в Словакии

For foreigners from EU countries the registration is much quicker but for non-EU citizens it can be particularly difficult. The documents required are more and the deadlines are strict.

As someone who has just arrived in Slovakia it can be a daunting task to get your paperwork sorted. Especially if you are also in the middle of searching for work and a place to live. If you want to focus on sorting your work/living situation and let someone else worry about your permit – which can grow into an even bigger task than finding a job – there are services available.

As of May 2018 significant changes may occur regarding residence permits, read more in this article

SlovakiaInvest is one such company which assists foreigners with getting a residence permit, based on their needs. They can help with getting a temporary, permanent residence or citizenship, according to your plans and length of intended stay.

Even if you have no job yet but want to get settled – they can help you. You could take a language course which will allow you to stay in the country, sort out your documentation and continue the job hunt in the meantime.

Additionally, they can help you organise your documents to exactly fit the foreign police requirements – this can be a big issue that can send you back and forth a few times. It is well-known among the local international community that the waiting times in front of the Bratislava foreign police office are lengthy, to say in the least, and needing to go back there a few times will not be the welcome you want to remember. SlovakiaInvest can ensure you need to go once to submit your documents and once to pick up your card, with an interpreter and an appointment, if needed.

Types of Permit SlovakiaInvest can organise for you:

Temporary Residence – allowing you to stay longer than with a visa (which allows you to stay from 90 days to 6 months)

Find more details about this type of stay HERE

Permanent Residence – for 5 years or unlimited period with the purpose of study, employment, family reunification, entrepreneurship

Find more details about this type of stay HERE

Citizenship – acquire Slovak citizenship

Find more details about this type of stay  HERE

Additionally, you can also find general requirements on different types of stay on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovakia web page or a bit more user-friendly reading on this non-commercial web page.

However you decide to handle getting your residence permit – by yourself or with the help of an agency – arm yourself with a lot of patience. For non-EU citizens, an agency is a safer choice, especially if your work is not willing to assist you, simply due to the bureaucracy and the state of the foreign police in Bratislava. The same advice goes for entrepreneurs who are coming to Slovakia to register a business – the best approach for you is to take an agency. They can help you achieve your goal faster and as pain-free as possible.

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Written by Svetlana Gangova