Work permit in Slovakia

One of the objectives of obtaining residence permit in Slovakia is employment.

The first thing you need to start this process is the placement of a vacancy. This means that the company interested in an employee who is a foreigner should inform the Slovak labour office about this vacancy. Only after 30 working days (1.5 months) following such a placement, you can apply for residence permit.

When employing highly qualified specialists (blue card), the documents for residence permits can be submitted 15 working days after the Slovak labour office was informed about the vacancy.

The situation is the same with the prolongation of residence permit for employment. It means that before submitting documents for the prolongation of residence permit, the Slovak labour office should be informed about the vacancy.

Foreigners often face problems when submitting documents with the purpose of employment, because there are many nuances that are very superficially described in the laws, which, moreover, are available only in the Slovak language.

For example, the process of vacancy placement is a very important stage, which needs a lot of attention, because for a successful acceptance procedure the advertisement must be properly published and contain the required information. Based on this publication the labour office gives its consent for the police.

Every year, some changes that affect the process of submitting documents occur in the Slovak legislation, or even the previous conditions change completely.

The year 2018 is not an exception, and Since May 1, 2018, new amendments to the Labour Code will come into force. Read more here:  New amendments

Among the main changes, one should first consider the following:

– A company cannot employ a foreigner if this company is in the register of illegal employers (previously this condition only applied to seasonal work and a blue card);

– A list of professions with a simplified process of registering foreigners for work will be published. At the same time, the condition for employing no more than 30% of foreigners from the total number of employees will apply;

– Cancellation of secondment of employees from third countries for more than 90 days;

– The registration process of the seconded employees from EU countries at the labour office will become more complicated.

There is much more there.

Also from May 1, 2018, there will be changes in the law on the stay of foreigners, of which we will inform separately.

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