Where to rent a room in Bratislava?!!

Hi Folks!

Moving to Slovakia? Don´t have a place where to stay? Here I am for you to suggest few tips on the best place to stay in Bratislava. First, let me tell you that the location plays a huge part in your life in Bratislava. If you are a social person and like going to cafes and bars, the best option for you would be stay in the old town. It might be a bit pricy – 300 euros a month per room, but you can got access to everything by walking distance. If you are a nature person, then I would suggest you to stay in Ruzinov or Karlova Ves. There are plenty of free apartments, and they are less pricy – 200 euros a month per room. You can either get a trolley or a tram to get to the city. If you like to live a little uphill and see a castle from your window, then shoot for Palisady. It might be again a bit pricy, however, it is also a good location close to the city centre.

Once you rent a room, it usually comes with basic furtniture and bed. So you do not need to worry about it. All you need to buy is your own bed linen and blankets.

When it comes to utilities, it is mostly included in the rent. Make sure you ask for that to be sure.

The most useful website for shared room and accomodation is the facebook group – Foreigners in Bratislava, then www.roomates.sk, www.spolubyvanie.sk,www.okroommate.com/slovakia, http://www.4expat.eu/en/database/apartment-rent/.

You  can also talk to us – internationals.sk to advice you about your location and price. We will be happy to help you!!apartments-fb-post