Internationals Bratislava group went for a trip to Lednice-Valtice

Expats from 12 countries living in Bratislava and Vienna set off together on a one day trip to the famous UNESCO site of Lednice-Valtice in Czech Republic, where a great trip and time was had by everyone. The trip was organised by Internationals Bratislava group, which organises regular trips and events designed for foreigners and locals living in the country.

The group visited the castle of Lednice and Valtice – an absolutely unique park-castle area full of rare tree species, romantic little buildings, fishponds and beautiful little corners – known as the Garden of Europe to this very day. Later they joined wine tasting in the biggest wine cellar in whole Czech Republic. After 5 hours of visiting the various sites, it was time for dinner and a gathering in a local pub, where everyone exchanged their experiences from the day.

If you would like to join our expat community and get a unique opportunity to boost your cultural awareness and make new friends, you could come along to our next trip to Bojnice and surroundings on 11th of July. Keep informed about all our events through our website or sign up for a newsletter at

Here are just some of the responses to the Lednice Valtice trip:

Anurag Gupta, India
Getting an opportunity to spend a day with lovely people across the world. Had lots of fun with new friends around. Hope to have such trips very soon on regular basis to explore hidden gems of Slovakia and neighbouring countries and mix with people coming from different cultures and locations.
Tarja Mustonen, FinlandLednice was especially interesting and our guide there was very professional and funny. I could have listened to her for hours!

Silvia Kissova, Slovakia

I have really enjoyed the trip yesterday. Everything from the beginning until end – the program, organisation and most of all meeting new nice people. Thanks a lot for a lovely day

Yahelena Bracho, Panama
The trip was wonderful. It was all pretty organized and we had a great time not only because of the castles and the history behind them, but also for the great company. For sure we will participate in comming events.

Francesca Spanu, Italy
Beautiful places and great company! I saw some pictures of the castles before the event but being there in person is much better! Both Lednice and Valtice are amazing, especially Lednice, the garden of the castle alone is worth the trip! I believe events like this are the perfect opportunity to visit new places and meet new people. If you want to have a cultural trip and have fun at the same time you definitely must join the next event

Ennio Rapisarda, Italy
As I could see, seems like everybody were were very happy with the trip and the organization. From my side, I can tell you it was really nice experience: as a newcomer, i still don’t have so many friends, and that was a very good opportunity to meet new and nice people with whom i spent nice time during the trip and probably with some of them other good times will come. The meltin pot was quite wide, a lot of nationalities all together and all united under the same goal: visiting new places and have fun!

Maria Theodoraki, Greece
I had a beautiful time on the trip in Landince and Valtice. It was a well organized trip, with free time for us to go around. Maria was really chilled and made us all feel comfortable. Having a nice time and socialized with the rest of the group. Thank you very much for that great time 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one!

Nikki Uhure, UK
Thanks for organising such a lovely event and taking fabulous pics. Hope I can make the next one – not sure I can make 11th July yet but will see.

Serafina Coluccello, Italy
I really enjoyed the trip not only because I had the chance to see two beautiful castles in Czech Republic but especially because doing it with other Internationals has given, for sure, an added value! I think that getting to know other expats and sharing your story life with them is always nice, somehow you fell at home, because you share the some feelings: you both know what means leaving abroad and far away from your beloved. Moreover, having the possibility to talk with people from almost all over the world, just in one day, is something priceless. Many thanks to Maria and to the organization that makes our time in Bratislava more pleasant! Waiting for the next trip:-) Go Internationals!!!