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Multinational workshop for kids 4-8y

Saturday, 22 October, 2016 @ 15:00 - 17:00

Workshop is for free for kids 4-8 years old. It will be held in English and Slovak language simultaneously.
You do not need to make reservation.
You do not need to bring anything with you.

This workshop was created in order to stimulate the imagination of the children for the world around them and provide multinational spirit thought the participation of different nationality kids. Main priority is to spend some creative time with them were they will be learning by doing and have nice time.

This project was made possible thanks to the program Unite for a good cause by Orange Foundation and project Medzinárodné jazykové dielne pre deti thanks to the Grantovy program hlavného mesta SR Bratislavy pre voľný čas, šport a sociálne aktivity

The workshop will be held by Ria Rizou.

Regarding the fact that children in Slovakia are not so familiar with the English language and vice versa – expat children are not that familiar with Slovak language we will try through simple-basic activities to make them express themselves. Learn how to introduce to other people in a nice and polite way boosting their interaction with the community in an international level.
At the same time we will try to involve them in simple science activities in order to be familiar with the Hypothesis, Description, the Actual experiment the Observation, and the Confirmation or rejection of the initial hypothesis. Also science activities will be connected with Cultural Events of the near environment of the children, so they will have the chance to link what we will do with the daily life under adult guidance, and collaboration.
Get to know each other (20 min’)
Main purpose of this activity is to introduce the members of our group and enrich their English vocabulary with some basic words.
1. first part
Children sit in the ground in a shape of circle. The Coordinator is in the middle, gives an example how to divide the syllabus and describes herself. Saying the name, where she comes from and her favorite color. Then children, start to introduce their selves saying their names and clap. For example, my name is Di-mi-tra clap-clap (several examples will be given in how to divide the syllabus) I am from Greece and I like green color.
2. second part
Then we stand up we pretend that we walk in a park and we meet other children and introduce ourselves in a polite way so we will know each other and start playing all together.
And so we start playing………
3. third part
At the end of this part, we will play and jump with a rope initially each kid individually and then in couples.
Game to be familiar with the place and our body. (30 min)
Purpose: This activity gives the chance to the children to express their selves through music(since they dance) and to orientate in the new place we will be and work the movements of their body. Also we will try to test if the children know to distinguish the left and the right part of their body and which side is more preferable( in the direction number 1 and 5 we do not specify , so we see which side the will choose). Finally they learn to accept the rules of the activity and to cooperate.
We turn on the music and the children start to move/ dance in the room, when the music stops we give directions like:
1. Please now touch your head with your hand.
2. Then we start the music again and children continue to move in the room. The music stops and the direction now is that they need to sit down.
3. After some seconds we start again the music and when we stop it children need to make a line the one behind the other.
4. Then we change the directions saying they need to hug, their legs.
5. Then we start the music again and children continue to move in the room. The music stops and the direction now is that they will pretend that they eat cake with a spoon.
6. Another direction can be please stay in the one foot and try to walk.
7. Later we say please touch your feet with the RIGHT hand.
8. The last part will include running in a circle and jumping in the small tree we have drawn in advance on the ground (like music chairs).
9. Finally we ask them to stay without any movement, so they will have the opportunity to relax, before the main activity.

Main Activity 1 (Floating / Sinking Duration: 45min)
Objects: Plastic bowl with water, coin, stone, cork, leave, spoon, plastic ball.
Purpose of the activity:
• Το check the knowledge of the children regarding the topic and try to resolve any confusion in their mind.
• Try to make them to recall, situations from their daily life where objects float or sink and provide them a reasonable explanation.
• Try to urge them to observe the objects and realize their consistency.
• Learn them to categorize objects under specific criteria.
• To observe the characteristics of natural and technical world. Begin to understand the importance of observation, of “experiments” and the description for the study of materials and phenomena.
• Make them express their selves share the results of the experiment using the correct vocabulary.

We ask from the children to close their eyes and we give them the objects in the hands and they need to describe it, how they feel in their hands and in the end to name it. Afterwards we have already prepare a table like the example below either individual one or for the whole team, and children need to guess what happens with each object after putting it in the water:

Actual Experiment
We are performing the experiment and we confirm what children guess.

(Last activity is missing)
Closing Activity (15min):
We will do some relaxing activities in the end.
Part 1:
Pillow Race!
–Purpose: Just to release the intense from the workshop and learn to control our reflexes.
We sit in a circle again, and we have a pillow . In the beginning we pass it to the person next to us slowly then faster-faster-faster until we will lose the control of it.

Part 2:
Finally we massage one each other’s back in the circle and do some relaxing exercises, like stretching with a relaxing song for background


Saturday, 22 October, 2016
15:00 - 17:00


Mickiewiczova 9
Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
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