Do you like our work? Would you like to support us and contribute to beneficence? You can do so donating any kind of sum to donate. All of the money will be used strictly for non-profit and charity events.

All the money gathered from donations will be used for non-profit and charity events



We offer volunteering activities on most of our events. We reimburse you with free tickets to our events. You have to be communicative, flexible and reliable person.

1 hour of volunteering activity – 5 points

Cooking for our events – we reimburse cost of ingredients + depending on complexity what you cook you are entitled to certain points:

Simple cooking: 20-40 smaller portions or up to 2 kilos of food – 15 points

Medium cooking:  40 – 80 smaller portions or 2-4 kilos of food – 25 points

Complex cooking: more than 80 portions or more than 4 kilos of food  – 40 points


All points have to be used within 3 months from the day when you received them. You need to send an email to  least one day before every event so that we reserve a spot for you (some events are full 2 weeks in advance)

International parties: 4 points

Zumba, body workout: 5 points

Belly dance, Yoga, Pilates: 8 points

For other non regular events we will announce additional points. Lists of all our events you can find here: